Selected Works ︎︎︎
All We Carry
Directed by Cady Voge

In this heartfelt documentary, a young couple and their baby flee violence in Honduras only to find themselves caught in the complex web of the United States' immigration system.
We felt really connected with the movie's purpose. The combination of piano, synths, and traditional Latin American instruments like guitar and ronroco was crucial in narrating this story. Collaboration and friendship were the most important parts of this project; creating this original music meant a constant and deep dialogue with the editing team.

︎︎︎Premiered at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2024
︎︎︎Winner at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Milwaukee Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Annapolis Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Salem Film Festival
︎︎︎ Seattle International Film Festival

Documentary Film

The Eternal White 
Directed by Christoph Behl

Our first sci-fi series. For this fantastic world of South American miners and space invaders, we spent several months crafting a musical identity that reflects the heart of our lands and the sonic texture of a futuristic dystopia.
At the moment, we can only share the titles  as the series will premiere this year on one of the major platforms. Nevertheless, we believe it captures the spirit of the soundtrack.

TV Series

Una Vida Karateka
Directed by Fernando Mántaras

For many years, this ambitious project remained an open question. We explored several proposals for the musical palette, yet we reached an answer when we saw “Death for five voices” by Werner Herzog.
Herzog’s work inspired this grandiose, filthy, religious and transgressive piece. It immerses its listeners in synthetic oceans with nods to Charly Garcia. A choir of men in a traditionally-female register and women in a traditionally-masculine register shares the stage with distorted punk bass lines, ambiented in an immense and unreal cathedral. And at times, a polyphonic, sacred organ sets the beat for the protagonist’s poetic improvisations.

︎︎︎BAFICI 2024

Documentary Film

Directed by Alexis Torazza 

We teamed up with percussionist and producer Juan Ortíz to blend Latin American sounds with intricate African polyrhythms he's a master at. Layer upon layer of vocals combined with Djembes, Atoke, Sagban, Kenkeni, and Dun Dun drums to create this powerful piece.
This spot was shot in Peru's Sacred Valley to support the Sol y Luna foundation campaign by Alexis Torazza Gazzone, an extraordinary artist always diving into projects to aid the most vulnerable.
The music was composed before being paired with visuals, affirming once again how film and music are constantly feeding off each other.

Documentary Film

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