Selected Works ︎︎︎
Camino de Fuego
Directed by David Nazareno

The starting point for this project was the monumental landscape of the Pampas, in the Province of Buenos Aires. They evoked this austere solo guitar, with plenty of silences that surfaced the voice in the images themselves.
This inspiration led to long improvisation sessions, including bursts of spontaneous recording. The freshness of the process is reflected in the main musical themes that emerged from these sessions. These themes were enhanced with variations in tonality and orchestration: Indian Shrutis and Leguero drums were added, among other elements. Each time they are foregrounded, they shape the structure of this soundtrack.

Documentary Film

Una Vida Karateka
Directed by Fernando Mántaras

For many years, this ambitious project remained an open question. We explored several proposals for the musical palette, yet we reached an answer when we saw “Death for five voices” by Werner Herzog.
Herzog’s work inspired this grandiose, filthy, religious and transgressive piece. It immerses its listeners in synthetic oceans with nods to Charly Garcia. A choir of men in a traditionally-female register and women in a traditionally-masculine register shares the stage with distorted punk bass lines, ambiented in an immense and unreal cathedral. And at times, a polyphonic, sacred organ sets the beat for the protagonist’s poetic improvisations.

Documentary Film

Victor Zambrano
Directed by Alexis Torazza

We created the score for the profile of Víctor Zambrano, an official National Geographic explorer. The beautiful and striking images of his reforested land in Peruvian Amazonas invited us to compose a hopeful yet challenging piece, with the intention to make visible his amazing work and raise awareness about the environmental crisis we are going through.

Short Film
︎︎︎Perú, Chile

Directed by Flora Reznik

For this documentary we delved into an experimental palette. We recorded objects owned by the director, such as a toy keyboard, a processed cello, a reversed piano and an eclectic array of items including bicycles, lentils, iron pans and stones. The task to produce the original score was a challenging one: In addition to our musical inspiration, we gathered from vast visual and philosophical references.

︎︎︎PREMIO Fondo Nacional de las Artes  2017
︎︎︎BAFICI 2018

Documentary Film
︎︎︎Argentina, Ucrania, Israel

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