All We Carry
Directed by Cady Voge

In this heartfelt documentary, a young couple and their baby flee violence in Honduras only to find themselves caught in the complex web of the United States' immigration system.
We felt really connected with the movie's purpose. The combination of piano, synths, and traditional Latin American instruments like guitar and ronroco was crucial in narrating this story. Collaboration and friendship were the most important parts of this project; creating this original music meant a constant and deep dialogue with the editing team.

︎︎︎Premiered at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2024
︎︎︎Winner at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Milwaukee Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Annapolis Film Festival
︎︎︎ ⁠Salem Film Festival
︎︎︎ Seattle International Film Festival

Documentary Film

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